Bali, Indonesia

Bali.  Known for being a very clean and natural island, the simplistic designs of Bali are what caught my eye.  The hand-painted wood ceilings are beyond gorgeous and you could stare at them for hours.

The best time of year to go to Bali is in May.  If you go during the summer, you’ll get caught during monsoon season.  The resort I would highly, highly recommend is the Ayana Resort and Spa.  It is a beautiful resort set atop a cliff, with luxurious villas that have this gorgeous traditional, yet contemporary Balinese feel to each of them.  The architectural design taken to each villa is so beautiful and makes you feel like you’re the only people there.

Ayana Resort and Spa

The most unique and stunning interior décor I saw there was the flower petals.  It is part of the Balinese culture to take apart flowers and decorate, using the petals.  What a beautiful concept!  There are many designs you can do with the petals, whether it is as simple as letting them fall as they may, or laying them out in such an intricate design, you almost wouldn’t know they are flower petals.

Bali floral

Bali is a shopper’s paradise, so you can see why I love visiting there to get my inspiration as an interior designer and my love for jewelry!   A great shopping area to go to is Seminyak.  It is an upscale fashionable area that has shopping, restaurants and spas all over the place.  Seminyak is a high traffic area though, so the easiest way to get around is to walk, which isn’t a problem because you can spend your day shopping and immersing yourself in the Balinese culture. Another great shopping experience that is popular with the locals is Krisna, a large shopping center that I like to call “the Wal-Mart of Bali.” From quality jewelry to clothing, you can find anything and everything here!

                                             dress   bali shops 4

The Balinese culture is also famous for their pottery and glassware pieces.  By looking at these pieces you can immediately see the amount of time and effort that was put into each individual item.  Some of the carvings on the ceramics are so intricate that you can’t even imagine how someone is able to achieve such a beautiful piece of art.

 There are so many beautiful pieces in this area that I love to get inspiration from for my own interior designing.  Bali is a gorgeous place to visit!


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